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“How?!” you might ask.

Well, it’s time to burst that belief bubble of yours that investing in property is only for the people with stacks of money. ANYONE can get into direct property investment, right now. Even if you had $0.00 in your bank account right now but could get a job and save $1000 a month, you could get started within 4 months. 4 months?! That’s a hell of a lot less time than it’s taking you right now to save for your own property, and this is starting from scratch. 

 Property is a brilliant asset class to invest in, but if not even 8% of Australians can afford to do so, there is a clear and major obstacle in the way of the average person getting into property investment, especially for us Millennials. That obstacle is affordability. 

 I don’t know about you, but I don’t have $120,000/$250,000 just lying around for a home deposit on the side. It honestly can make it seem all too hard, overwhelming or even just straight-up impossible to get into the market. It doesn’t seem to matter how hard we work, save, and even combine incomes as a couple, it feels as if the amount of effort just buy to your own property speaks for itself, let alone investing in more properties. A lot of us can pass it off as “only people with money can get into that.”  

By now, you would know that Bricklet has minimised that issue by creating an easy-to-use platform that allows you to buy property fragments for around $20,000. Though a lot of people are still saying “I don’t have $20k lying around either, like I said, property is only for the rich.”

Listen up, it’s Magic Pill time my friends. Bricklet Payment Plan allows you to put a 10% deposit down on a $20,000 Property Fragment (or “Bricklet”) to own it NOW and then pay it off in 18 monthly instalments absolutely interest-free!   

So instead of saving $1000 a month into your bank account, you can invest that $1000 into direct property today.

Rinse. Repeat. Continue. Oh look at that, you’re already on a better wealth trajectory than most of your old classmates back in high school.

It’s that simple, and it evens the playing field so any of us can create the future we desire, today. 


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